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Our Services

Cobra Tree prides itself on its reputation for reliability and safety. As a licensed and insured company with extensive expertise in tree care, we assist individuals in determining the optimal course of action for their trees. At Cobra Tree, our priority is to educate our customers and guide them towards making informed decisions that benefit their trees.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is often necessary for damaged or diseased trees, as these trees may present risks beyond what trimming can address. Removal may be needed to improve sunlight exposure in areas like lawns, flower beds, or pools, and it can be vital for construction projects. Tree removal can pose unique challenges, requiring the skills of a licensed and insured professional.


Tree Trimming Debris Removal

Did you know that Cobra Tree stays in business by nurturing your trees rather than simply cutting them down.  Within our services, we specialize in Tree Trimming, with a focus on enhancing the natural beauty of your trees rather than opting for removal. Proper Tree Trimming also aids in preventing hazardous limbs from falling on your roof.

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding requires specialized equipment to ensure safe and thorough removal, making it essential for a tree professional to handle. Professional stump grinding helps prevent potential damage to underground utilities and is crucial for eliminating pest attraction as well as facilitating smooth lawn maintenance. 


Firewood Delivery

Cobra Tree offers firewood delivery, obtained from premium hardwood trees like Oak and Cherry. We accommodate customer preferences by transporting and stacking wood according to their specific requests. This service prioritizes delivering directly to your location, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

Emergency Tree Work

(Storm Damage)

Cobra Tree is dedicated to meeting your tree care needs, providing timely emergency services in the aftermath of storms or fallen trees on your property. Our team operates swiftly and efficiently, prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers.

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Specialized Equipment

Cobra Tree is known for its highly specialized equipment, which includes a lighter skid steer designed for debris transportation, ensuring minimal impact on your yard. Additionally, our lift machine excels in safely reaching elevated and challenging areas to eliminate branches that could pose a risk to your property.

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